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1892 5 Shilling Double Shaft (Crown)

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The 1892 5 Shilling Double Shaft (Crown) boasts a very rich and interesting history, making it a very sought after (and valuable) rare South African coin for collectors and investors. If you are a coin collector or simply an investor searching for new investment opportunities, then this choice of rare South African coins is definitely worth investing in.

If you would like more information about the 1892 5 Shilling (Double Shaft), or in search of these rare South African coins for sale, contact RSA Coins today for assistance. RSA Coins is a reputable dealer of rare South African Coins where you can buy and sell coins.

About the 1892 5 Shilling Double Shaft (Crown) – Rare South African Coins

With President Kruger’s upcoming election in 1891, he was very eager to bring the Republic of South Africa’s new coins into circulation. As the new mint was not yet in operation, President Kruger placed an order for coins dated 1892 with the Kaisermunt in Berlin. The first batch of coins (pounds, half pounds and crowns/shillings) struck in Berlin were incorrect, showing a double-shafted oxwagon with all wheels of equal diameter, instead of the traditional Voortrekker wagon with a single shaft and rear wheels that are larger than the front wheels. This coin is known as the ‘Double Shaft’. To make things even worse, the designer, Otto Schultz added his customary initials below President Kruger’s bust – “OS” is Afrikaans for Ox.

Specifications of the 1892 5 Shilling – Double Shaft (Crown) coin:

  • Year: 1892
  • Coin: 5 Shilling (Crown)
  • Diameter: 23,7mm
  • Mass: 5,655 grams
  • Edge: Milled
  • Designer: Otto Schultz
  • Metal Content: Silver 925 / Copper 75
  • Mintage Figure: 129 627



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The 1982 5 Shilling Double Shaft provides great investment opportunities if you are looking to invest into rare South African ZAR coins. This rare coin greatly exceeds its melt value, and the rich history thereof makes it a very sought after rare South African coin. If you are looking to invest into rare coins, browse through RSA Coins’ list of rare South African ZAR Coins for Sale.

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