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The 1902 Veldpond / Rare ZAR Coins

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When it comes to rare South African ZAR coins, the 1902 Veldpond is a very unique and probably the most sought after coin for many reasons. This rare South African coin boasts a rich and beautiful history, and is a pursued coin amongst many high end coin collectors in the USA, UK, Australia and other countries. Read more about the 1902 Veldpond, a rare South African ZAR coin for collectors and investors.

The history of the 1902 Veldpond

What makes the 1902 Veldpond such a sought after rare South African coin, is the fact that each coin is unique and hand-made, and the coin has a very low mintage of merely 986. As money grew scarcer towards the end of 1901 for the Boers during the Anglo-Boer War, the Boer forces needed to make other plans to buy provisions from black tribes (they did not accept paper money that was brought into circulation by the Government). The 1902 Veldpond mint dies were made by Mr PJ Kloppers who was appointed as the Head of the Mint, and the 1902 Veldpond was minted from some gold bar the Boers had in possession, as well as gold from Pilgrim’s Rest and alluvial gold. “Z.A.R. 1902″ was engraved on the front, and “Een Pond” on the reverse side. Specifications of the Veldpond:



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  • Designer – P.J.Kloppers
  • Size Diameter – 22.8 mm
  • Thickness – Varies
  • Mintage – 986
  • Weight – 7.73 – 8.5 gm
  • Gold Content – 7.73 – 8.5 gm
  • Copper Content – None
  • Best Known – MS66

The Veldpond provides great investment opportunities if you are looking to invest into rare South African ZAR coins. The 1902 Veldpond greatly exceeds its melt value, and the low mintage of the coin makes it even more valuable to investors. If you are looking to invest into rare coins, browse through RSA Coins’ list of rare South African ZAR Coins for Sale.

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