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Burgers Pond – Coarse / Fine Beard Rare (ZAR) Coins for Sale

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The Fine Beard Burgers Pond and Coarse Beard Burgers Pond are two varieties of one the country’s great rarities when it comes to rare South African coins. The Burger’s Pond is South Africa’s first gold coin, boasting a rich and interesting history.

Struck in 1874 as instructed by the South African government at the time, this coin is a very sought after rare South African coin by collectors and investors alike. Browse through our list of rare South African coins for sale from RSA Coins to find an array of coins available. RSA Coins buys and sells rare South African (ZAR) coins – contact us today for more information.

History of the Burgers Pond

The fourth president of the South African Republic (ZAR), Thomas François Burgers, is documented to have been a very liberal man who made impulsive decisions. In office from 1872 – 1877, he was eager to introduce indigenous coinage into the republic. President Burger purchased some gold for this purpose, and shipped it off to England to Mr J.J Pratt, the Republic’s Consul General. He received the first consignment of coins on 25 July 1874, after which the die broke. This batch of 695 gold coins became known as the fine beard Burgers Pond. The second batch of 142 coins was minted with a new die, resulting in differences between the first and second batches. The second batch of the Burgers Pond has a slight coarser beard, and other differences include the 8 of the date 1874 looks to have been double struck due to flaws in the second die. These two varieties of the 1874 Burgers Pond are very sought after, and are great investments regardless of the grade.

Upon presentation of this coin to the Volksraad, he was criticised for using the republic’s money to produce coins with his face on. He was accused of being egotistical and that it was done out of vanity. Due to this adverse reaction form the Volksraad, further mintage was halted.



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Rare South African (ZAR) Coins for Sale

If you are looking for a new investment opportunity, rare South African coins can be a very good investment. It is advised however that you do your research before purchasing any specific coin. Should you need assistance or information regarding the Burgers Pond or any of South Africa’s rare coins, contact RSA Coins today. At RSA Coins we buy and sell rare South African (ZAR) coins, and can assist you with all your queries. View our list of rare coins available on our website.

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