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RSA Coins - Rare South African Coins

Need the assistance of a rare coins dealer in South Africa? The last few years have seen great profits in the investment of rare South African Coins, attracting both local and international investors to this market. One such example is the 1898 Sammy Marks Tickey, which was sold at the record price of $182,650, approximately R1.4 million. This increase in the number of investors, makes rare South African coins even more valuable.

RSA Coins is a rare coins dealer in South Africa, creating a platform for local and international investors in rare ZAR / South African coins where they can buy and sell their coins. RSA Coins have been buying and selling rare South African coins, assisting many clients to find and to sell the coins they wish to. Contact RSA Coins today – trusted rare coins dealer in South Africa.

Rare Coins investment opportunities and benefits

What makes rare South African coins such an attractive investment, is due to fact that these rare gold South African coins do not attract capital gains tax (CGT) when sold, as they are classified as collectables. No tax will thus be deducted from your sale, making it very beneficial for investors. Other benefits of investing in rare South African coins include:



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  • You will be growing your tangible assets and adding a secure investment to your portfolio. RSA Coins, trusted rare coins dealer in South Africa will offer advice and guidance in the selection of rare ZAR / South African coins for investment.
  • Rare South African coins have shown a steady increase in value offer the last few years, making it a very intriguing investment opportunity for South African and international investors.
  • The value of rare South African coins is influenced by many factors such as the precious metal, age, scarcity, quality, preservation, supply and demand, usually far exceeding their melt value.

Our rare South African coins catalogue

Many coin collectors simply collect rare South Africa coins because of the rich history of the coins and an underlying fascination developed in these beautiful coins. Rare (and valuable) South African Coins for sale with a rich history include:

  • The 1902 Veldpond: The Veldpond is a very rare and sought after South African coin, each coin is unique and hand-made, originating during the Anglo-Boere War in 1902. Read more about the rich history of the 1902 Veldpond.
  • The 1892 5 Shilling (Double Shaft): Another coin with a rich history, is the 1892 5 Shilling (double shaft) which was incorrectly struck with an ox wagon that features a double shaft. Read more about the history of the 1892 5 Shilling (double shaft). Contact RSA Coins, reputable rare coins dealer in South Africa for assistance with buying / selling this rare coin.
  • The 1874 Burgers Pond: The 1874 Burgers Pond consist of a coarse beard and fine beard version, which was impulsively struck by President Thomas François Burgers. Read more about the history of the 1874 Burgerspond.
  • 1898 Sammy Marks Tickey: Sammy Marks, a diamond prospector from England born in 1843, became a good acquaintance of President Paul Kruger, who he offered financial advisory assistance to. He was offered to run the mint for a day, which brought about the Sammy Marks Tickey – Read more about the 1898 Sammy Marks Tickey’s history.

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Leading rare coin dealers in South Africa

Contact RSA Coins today – we are a leading rare coins dealer in South Africa, and have assisted many clients to buy or sell their valuable rare South African coins.

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