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1898 Sammy Marks Tickey – Rare South African Coins – RSA Coins

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The Sammy Marks Tickey is a rare South African coin struck in 1898 and is a popular coin amongst collectors. This rare coin is extremely valuable, and an excellent option for individuals seeking investment opportunities in rare South African (ZAR) coins.

RSA Coins buys and sells rare South African (ZAR) coins such as the Sammy Marks Tickey. Browse through our list of available coins on our website, or contact us today for information about rare coins you wish to buy or sell.

The History of Sammy Marks, and the Sammy Marks Tickey

Sammy Marks was born in the Russian Empire in 1843, after which he relocated to England as a young boy. Sammy Marks was a man gifted with integrity, courage and astonishing business insight. After hearing about the diamond discoveries in Kimberley, he travelled to Cape Town in 1869, and kicked off his career as a trader with his cousin, Isaac Lewis. Marks became a well-known mining magnate, and soon moved to Pretoria, where he met and befriended President Paul Kruger – he became a well-loved figure in South Africa before the outbreak of the Second Boer War in 1899.



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In appreciation of his services rendered as unofficial financial advisor to the republic, President Kruger allowed him the privilege of the run of the mint for a day. Using the 1898 3D dies of the silver threepence, Marks minted 215 Tickeys in gold from his own mines, as opposed to the usual silver. Although considered as a legal tender, the Sammy Marks Tickey was never brought into circulation, and it is speculated that they were minted for the purpose of gifts to members of the Volksraad, relatives and friends. Specifications of the 1898 Sammy Marks Tickey include:

  • Year: 1898
  • Coin: Sammy Marks Tickey
  • Diameter: 16,3mm
  • Mass: 2,611 grammes
  • Edge: Plain
  • Designer: Otto Schultz
  • Metal Content: Gold 916,67 / Copper 83,33
  • Mintage Figure: 215
  • Obverse Design: President Paul Kruger
  • Reverse Design: Laurel wreath around the date and the figure 3.

Investment opportunity of the 1898 Sammy Marks Golden Tickey

Take note that there are many replicas (for jewellery purposes) and counterfeits of the 1898 Sammy Marks Tickey, should you be looking purchase such a rare South African coin as an investment. The low mintage of 215 coins, makes the Sammy Marks Tickey one of the rarest coins of this era, and a very valuable and sought after rare South African coins.

For more information about the rare South African, ZAR coin, the Sammy Marks Golden Tickey, talk to us at RSA Coins today.

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